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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Federal Street Fire Station

 This is the Fire Station on Federal Street in Lynn where my father and his friends built their boats in the back room.  They had to remove a wall to get the boats out when finished,   I doubt that Fire Department regs would permit this today.

He and his buddies built a 14 ft. runabout that had fins on the back.   We test launched it in Sluice Pond behind the present Four Winds Pub.   It was powered by a 35 HP Johnson outboard that I remember was not very reliable.  It was kept on Swain's Lake aka Union Lake in East Barrington, NH where my parents had a summer camp.

I remember hanging around the station during the 4th of July, and watching the fire fighters slide down the 15 ft. brass pole from the second floor to the first, hurrying to respond to bon fires.  The station has been demolished for years and General Electric is now at the site.

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