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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Loop Rut and Champions

For the last three days, outside of Nanepashemet Telecom, I 've  been obsessed with completing a 10.5 mile loop around Marblehead Neck, Old Town and back to Suite 1-A on the Trek Domane 4.1 Road Bike.  The weird thing is that each time I've tried to get my heart rate up, and push the pace, but every day's ride has been completed in 49:00 minutes.   Actually, between 49:01 and 49:12.... and each ride seemed different from the other.... but was really almost the exact same.  12.8 MPH average.
Tomorrow, after our PICS Safety Audit, I'm going to bust out of this rut.   On the stationary bike, 19MPH over 45 minutes is pretty standard for me, but out there in the real world, I haven't been able to break 12.8. But I'm losing weight.
Not going to tell you how much yet, but if this routine becomes habitual, I'm sure I'll be obnoxiously bragging in a month or so.
I've also been fairly obsessed with the Hillary Clinton for President announcement lately too.   If she has any redeeming value after a public lifetime of arrogance and dishonesty... then I just can't see it.  She has proclaimed herself as a "Champion" of everyday Americans and states that America needs a Champion.  It reminds me of a former boss who informed me that it was his job to be my "Mentor".
What a Buffoon!   I pick my own Mentors, and I pick my own "Champions".... and H isn't even close.

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