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Monday, November 17, 2014

Immigration Kabuki Dance

This whole Immigration drama being played out by the Obama administration reminds me of a Japanese Kabuki Dance.  Lots of arranged protracted movements and posturing that look really weird.
Republican and Conservative pundits are in high rant mode as the President threatens to use the power of Executive Orders to give amnesty to Latin Americans who live in the US without a green card.
The POTUS maintains that he has the power to wipe the slate clean  for these five million or so immigrants who have taken up residence in the US in violation of laws that regulate entry into this country.  Conservatives maintain that he is effectively enacting legislation which is the purview of the Congress and a violation of the checks and balances built into our Federal system of Government.
Each side swaggers and postures away on what they will do if  Obama uses his "Power".
The  thing about Power is that you only have it if people don't challenge your actions.

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