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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Election Enlightenment


You know I always exhort you to stay independent.... to stand on your own two feet... to make your own decisions....

So why are you so pathetically sending me email after email..... voicemail after voicemail..... frantically asking me what the election results last night mean?????

As you know, the Mountain of Man has a big heart and a wellspring of patience for those of you who annoyingly can't figure things out for yourself, and insist on getting a spin from the Nanepashemet source of truth and knowledge.

So I reluctantly must tell you what happened in the United States of America last night.

1.  Harry Reid.... the lying, despicable Majority Leader of the US Senate was fired..... and the 360 pieces of legislation that the House of Representatives have sent to the Senate can now be considered by the full Congress.

2.  President Obama was repudiated.... he offered "Hope", was really a "Dope", and the people said "Nope".  His stupid policies of ObamaCare and Immigration will be subject to reasonable revision and overhaul.

3.  My home state of Massachusetts elected a professional manager, Charlie Baker, and his opponent, the politically mean spirited, Martha Coakley, didn't even thank her supporters as she refused to concede defeat in a close, yet definitive result.

4.  My second state, where I pay a fair amount of property tax, New Hampshire, turned away the chance to elect a straight and independent thinker in Scott Brown, and instead turned to the Liberal rubber stamp, Jeanne Shaheen as a US Senator.    They have changed the motto from "Live Free or Die" to "Live Stupid then Cry".

5.  The Sixth Massachusetts Congressional District elected Democrat Seth Moulton, and Iraqi Veteran over Ricard Tisei, a bit over the top Republican.   The important point here is that they both played a part in turning way the old Guard, lock step Dem, John Tierney, who was a Pelosi puppet.  Verdict is out now on whether Seth can be a leader and break from the Democrat Herd.

So your MOAM can sum things up this way.

United States - HAPPY
Massachusetts - HAPPY
Sixth Congressional District - CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC

Now, Peeps..... go forth and spread Nanepashemet Truth and Insight .... you are among the enlightened.

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