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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bash Musings

The New England Patriots are again playing professional football at a level that conceivably could be classified as mastery.

Years from now, people will wonder what it was like to watch football games during the Brady-Belichick era.... much like people have asked what it was like to watch Bobby Orr play hockey, or Bill Russell play basketball.

The game was even better today, because Joanne and I got to watch it with our Grandkids, Will and Ethan, and with Ryan and Kim.   

The Hype is building for the Thanksgiving Eve Bash as well.   The highly anticipated annual event will be held in all of its Glory/Debauchery and the Beer will flow like Wine as in years past.

As usual, there are no invitations, and much resentment and rancor will flow to those who do not attend, so I would advise you Peeps to come and partake of this pilgrimage for the sake of your social standing and psychological well being.  

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