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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Post about Posting

I usually post on this Blog when I am annoyed or anxious about things.  Does the dirth of posts on the last few weeks indicate that I found a modicum of tranquiity and contentment?

In a sense... yes.  I blame the real reason on the activity at Nanepashemet Telecom.  We are wicked busy, somewhat stressed, but in a nice growth mode with good quality job prospects up the line.  Our marketing has reached a point where we are asked to take on jobs by customers... not the former situation of asking prospective customers to take a chance on us.

The company will be changing... growth means new staff and adjustment to different ways of doing things.  Maybe causing some more frequent posts on the Nanepashemet Blog.

On a personal level, things also seem to be on a more even keel.... the events of past years, the Fresh Ayer episode in particular, seem to fading to the point where it feels incredible that we actually endured that turmoil not so long ago.

But I do feel the need to keep this pathethic Blog afloat.  This time of peace and prosperity is sure to diminish.

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