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Friday, October 11, 2013

UnDoing Due Diligence

Let me get this straight

When we are doing our due diligence for a new Cell site, one of the requirements is to run a check on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website database to see if the proposed tower will impact any flight paths at nearby airports.
Basically, you type in the latitude and longitude and the proposed height of the tower, and the data base spits back the impact in a format that you can print and package for the report to your client.
But due to the Federal Government shut down, the site is not operating.
Let me get this straight....
A database that operates on its own, online, is down because someone purposely took the effort to take it down, because of the "Shutdown".   I wonder how much effort went into shutting the self operating site down?
And it is not Congress that operates the goverment.... it is the Executive Branch.   So how could this be conceived in any obtuse way as the cause of the Republican House Members of Congress????
This is our junior varsity Executive Branch in full array.
Peeps.... President Obama is tipping the scales at a 37% approval rating.  That is 37%  of the people who buy into this Bull, and 63% who can't be fooled.

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