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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stirring up the Libs

So I was guilty of a little shit stirring on Facebook this week.
Seems like some of my old friends and high school classmates who went astray and turned out to be Liberals in their advanced middle age are all worked up about the Obamacare fiasco.  And Boy, do they hate Ted Cruz!!!
All you have to do is say something bad about Obamacare, or mention that Ted Cruz is a Patriot from Texas, and they get all lathered up.... start calling people names and rant about Republicans.
Peeps.... it's even more entertaining than watching "Dancing With the Stars".
They really get ticked off at you if you suggest that you would prefer that government stay out of something as private as your health care.   And it seems like members of protected classes, like the Hispanic American Senator, Ted Cruz, or the woman Governor Sarah Palin, are particularly irksome to them.
I'm going to send this post to Facebook.  How much you want to bet that I get insulted within the next few minutes?  Especially if I recommend a Cruz-Palin Republican ticket for President?
Naturally, a Mountain of a Man like me has a thick skin, which helps if you like to shit stir with the Leftys.

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