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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On-Line CSL Training

Massachusetts requires that you need 12 hours of approved refresher training in order to keep your Construction Supervisor license up to date and renewed.  This has been a requirement to renew my Real Estate Brokers license for quite a while, and I usually sign up for an all day weekend course to satisfy the criteria.
In the real estate world, the changing regulations and procedures, such as lead paint, fair housing, Buyer's agency and environmental issues make this almost mandatory, but the construction update is worse than watching a World Cup Soccer Match.... it is that freaking boring.
I signed up for an on-line course rather than the weekend intensive alternative, and I'm three quarters through.  Slides come up on the computer and a computerized voice that sounds wicked geeky reads the content.  You can't advance the slide until the Geek stops reading.
There is boredom, then there is gut wrenching, chair squirming, pit-in-your-stomach, ready to scream boredom.  That's the kind evolked by this on-line course.

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