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Monday, July 16, 2012

Nanepashemet Milestone

Sometime today, this pathetic Blog was hit by one of you hapless Peeps for the 150,000th time.   That's a lot of seeking for solace and wisdom, don't you think?
Naturally, I'm honored by the milestone.  Most of you have handled the addictive nature of this Blog responsibly, but a few have real problems.  You've allowed this Blog to rule your life... living from post to post.... thinking every vague reference is about you.... coming back to check for hours on end every day.
I've told you that the cure for this is to send me money everytime you hit Nanepashemet.... and granted many of you have sent me money which I've donated to my favorite charity... the JJ Fund.   But not enough to bring about a significant cure.
You have to dig deep to get this monkey off of your back... because I'm not going anywhere and this Blog is here to stay and can only get worse

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