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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Order Madness

So I'm at the Duluth Trading Co. site ordering some shoes and they say that my size has sold out.  A nice lady even called me on my cell phone to tell me that they couldn't fulfill my order, and she gave me a code for free shipping on my next order.  Excellent customer care.
But, as cool as they are at Duluth, you won't find that problem at the Nanepashemet Blogging Apparel Store.  All of our advertised stock is readily available so you won't experience the bitter dissapointment of order rejection. 

Even though the Tuna Lips Skull Caps are flying out the door, there will be one ready for you when you finally get up the gonads to fire up your plastic. 
Despite massive orders from 50 states as well as Canadian Provinces, the Tommy O Tank Tops are fully stocked for your muscle shirt enjoyment.

And the Atty Jeremy Johnson Wannabee Boxers in all sizes are ready for order.... although there has been a big run on the 2X's.
Some of you Peeps have accused the Mountain of the Man of selling this stuff in a shameless effort to raise some extra Holiday scratch.  Very insightful.  But that's not the only freaking reason.   The fact is that all of the profits from this enterprize will be donated to my favorite charity... the JJ Fund... dedicated to keeping the Mountain of a Man as solvent as possible.
And before you click to another site in disgust, consider this ..... if the JJ Fund isn't sizably healthy.... how do you expect to get your pathetic Nanepashemet Blog fix.... day after hopeless day????  Yeah.. You didn't think of that, did you?

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