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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skank Clarification

Last night I was having a little fun on Facebook threads about the "Rapture".   Lots of comments back and forth about the pending end of the world that was supposed to happen today.  I have some great friends on Facebook and enjoy bantering with them.
But the problem with Facebook is the delay in comments.   So I called someone a "Skank", and two of my lady friends immediately thought I was disrespecting them.... because of the timing of my "Skank" comment.
I don't need to be misconstrued by females on Facebook!  I get enough of that in person, sitting in the living room with my wife, Joanne, without getting into a jam with other women on FB.  
Why is it so easy to piss off women??? It's something that I'm wicked good at... and I don't practice it or anything.   I guess it's just a natural talent that I have.
For the record... I never called Denise or Liz a Skank.    The Skank above is the only Skank that I called a Skank.

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