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Saturday, May 07, 2011


I did what I do everytime I start running again.... overextended myself and pulled a calf muscle.  So it's back to the Bike for a while.   Maybe I'll go up to North Conway and get on the Mountain Bike.  That wouldn't be overextending would it?
Nice visit at FreshAyer yesterday.   Interesting prospects.   Ryan continues to glean the best from every situation.   Not once have I ever seen him wallowing in self-pity, or whining about his situation. 
He has a forward looking outlook and has taken some very positive insights from FreshAyer.
When this is over, it will seem like it never happened.  We have all been changed... but maybe in a good way.   Scatch that.... Undoubtably in a good way.  Ryan will take his energy, drive and positive outlook and rebuild a stronger and thriving life for himself and his kids.  It will be a good restart, in the right direction.

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