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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shit Happens

What a nightmare for the Japanese with this Nuclear emergency! 
It looks like a meltdown is imminent so the question is whether the containment vessels will hold and prevent a massive outpouring of poisonous radiation.  Aftershocks continue to pummel the country and the devastation from tsunamis has yet to be measured.  There are reports of whole towns with no survivors.
Could it happen here?
Absolutely.  Which will create a huge debate over whether nuclear power is necessary and if the safeguards that are in place are enough..
Our standard of living demands a high supply of electrical energy, but there are costs.... and shit happens.   I suppose that we could shut down the laptops, lights and TV's and huddle around the fireplace knitting and whittling wood.
Or we can live with the danger and try to mitigate the risk that our high energy level way of life requires.
I'm a pretty good whittler, so can go either way.

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