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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Monkey Wrenches

Moving day looms near and the weather has continued to toss monkey wrenches into the critical path of this project.  The remodeling work is not complete and we will be forced to put furniture into the unfinished rooms.  And the kitchen appliances have not been reinstalled.
So there will be a lot of workarounds left for the next couple of weeks.
But being a Mountain of a Man means that you take these inconveniences in stride, and realize that they are small in comparison to say... being a rice farmer in Cambodia or a Peruvian copper miner, or something like that.
You get the picture.   I wouldn't be caught dead whining abount how much work this has turned out to be, right in the middle of record setting winter storms.   Being a MOAM says, "You throw all of the snow and slush my way, and I'm still going to pull the move off in style.
Well, maybe not exactly in style...  But the offers from Peeps to help on Saturday morning keep pouring in, and I'm sure that my bar bill at the Gerry 5 Saturday afternoon will reflect the considerable help that we receive.

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