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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Utility Trailer

I lost the MegaMillions lottery.  Was only off by every number.  Which is surprizing because I was feeling lucky.   Must have been some kind of cosmic mistake.  I'll try again when the prize gets up there.
But, this morning, I found a great deal on a 2010 Dual Axle, 18' Carry On brand, 5200 lb payload, utility trailer from Airport Trailers in Leominster, MA.
After checking out Craigslist and Ebay, it seemed like we would have to pay $3,000 or more for a used double axle, but I found a great Internet clearance deal for $1995 if I paid in cash.   So I'm picking up the trailer tomorrow.
A heavy duty utility trailer gives us a lot of flexibility to get things done at a bargain price.  Plus, I'll have it to move stuff into the new house.

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  1. A utility trailer is always value for money and help you in a lot in any type of transportation.


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