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Monday, January 24, 2011

Simple Drop Off

It was a cold day today with temperatures starting off below zero and staying in the single digits.   A good day to stay indoors and get some paperwork done.   But I had a couple of 80 lb. bags of concrete in the back of my F-150 from the Cape Cod job, that I knew I had to get into the warehouse or they would be ruined by moisture
As it was, we didn't show much intelligence in loadng the bags in the first place and they were carelessly thrown next to some shovels and hoes which pierced the bags on the ride home.   So I had a bit of a mess with loose concrete mix combining with handtools, straps and snow.  Had to climb into the back of the truck and shovel out the loose mix
Just opening the door to the warehouse required a decent amount of shoveling too.
So a simple drop off ended up to be a decent physical ordeal.   I had the workcoat that Katelyn bought me for Christmas and figured that the low temps would bother me, but I actually broke a sweat.  That coat is really warm.
This wintry weather is starting to complicate things.   Another foot of snow due by mid-week.

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