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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mayan Trash Talk

Nostradamus says that he could see out to the year 3797 AD.  That puts a lot of pressure on the Mayans, who are counting us out by the end of  2012.
I'm not buying the Mayan prophecy for the end of days, and after December of 2012, I was thinking of heading down to the Yucatan Peninsula for a little trash talk. 
Stuff like..."Hey Mayans... nice end of the world... Way to Predict... Nostradamus kicks your ass."  But then I'd cool it down by setting them up at the bar with a few Dos Equis and some Nachos.   Hopefully the Mayans down there have a sense of humor. 
I'm sure they're not happy about their dire prediction anyway.  A few good Mexican Cervages should soothe over any ruffled feathers.

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