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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laser Focus

After taking care of a couple of details at Sundance this morning, I'll be deadheading to Dennis on the Cape to dig a few more post holes.  With the storm brewing for Friday slated to hit the Cape, we have to get this done to keep the site project on completion schedule.
This weekend is also crunch time for the Sundance drywall completion because the kitchen cabinets and appliances get delivered next week, and after that, we should only have some spackling and painting to get done.
The Patriots loss was my gain because the Crawford Brothers had plans to fly to Dallas on moving day, Saturday, Feb 5, the day before the SuperBowl.  Although I didn't appreciate being second priority to a trip to the Superbowl, I can overcome the slight, and welcome their enthusiastic re-involvement in the move.
Superpeeps Brian Butler and the lovely Stacy have to go to Vermont that day with some lame exuse of being Godparents at a Christening or something.
Being a Mountain of a Man means that you can't get thrown off track by things like Baptisms or Superbowls.....    and your priorities remain laser focused.   Maybe that's why I'm not anybody's Godfather.

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