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Thursday, December 02, 2010

References and Credit

This morning, we show Beverly Ave. to another prospective tenant.  I haven't told you that we decided to lease and hold this place ... mainly due to its sacred status as the birthplace of the Nanepashemet Blog.... but also because the real estate sales market was so flat.
But the rental market is very strong, which I attribute to the fact that people wish to live in nice areas and are accumulating downpayments instead of buying.  There has been a steady stream of nice people who are interested in leasing this house.
The only criteria that we have is no smoking.   Don't want the place to stink.   I don't mind pets though.   People who don't like pets are not my kind of people.   We don't have anymore cats, don't want a dog that I have to walk and handle curbside feces, but I've kind of adopted the birds at the Feeder.
Animals add to rhe richness of life.... As long as you clean up their mess.
By the end of the week, I'll be choosing the Lessee based upon references and credit.

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