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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Passing Year

2010 is drawing to a close.  It's December already.  Seems like it went by fast in some ways and unbelievably slow in others.  Time is indeed relative.
Are we hurtling towards the Mayan End of Days?  Maybe.   If you surf the nerd channels on cable like I do, it seems like an asteroid, mother earthquake or mega tsunami is just around the corner.
I've got my contingency plans in place.... the primary one being to hop into my dinghy parked on a trailer in my driveway, put my head down through my legs, and kiss my ass goodbye.
Maybe I'll take a few bottles of Lagavulin into the dinghy.  Certainly couldn't hurt as we are all swept into oblivion.
Actually, I kind of doubt that the Mayans have it right.  I feel that we will all have to live out the duration of our lives, without some grand Apocalypse speeding everybody's demise in one huge crescendo.
Which is fine by me.   It would be a lot less dramatic.

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