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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cornhusker Ass

Texas A&M had a nice 9-6 victory this weekend over eighth ranked Nebraska.
No surprize to me.
The Aggies are the Official Nanepashemet Division 1 NCAA College Football Team, anchored by our own Benny Martin, who is an offensive line coach.
So it just goes without saying that they would manhandle a wussy team like the Nebraska Cornhuskers.
Ben had a small contingent of Marblehead Peeps help him with this one though.   Not sure what help Scott McBurney could bring, but SuperPeeps Nate Clarke and Mike Nestor obviously added some value to the win.
I hope the post game festivities didn't get out of hand.
Way to go Ben.   Kicking Cornhusker ASS!!!

(just kidding, Scotty Boy.)

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