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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Steve and Jill Lewis Got Married

Struggling to recuperate from the Lewis-Tufts Wedding this morning.   Dana and Merry Tufts had the Moraine Farm in Beverly rocking for about 300 close friends. 
Mikey was a Best Man of Stevie and Jill looked fantastic. 
(Maybe that last statement was a little Gay, but she really looked good.)
It was a rainy, humid night in a tent, and even in my portly, middle aged manner of Shaking my Booty, I was riddled with sweat. 
Now I'm a little sore from the intensive boogying.
Have to take the ride to Ayer now, but when we return, pictures will be posted.

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  1. Merry Tufts2:03 PM

    Hey John - Wish I spent time with you guys at the wedding, but alas, only saw you across the dance floor and in pics! Glad you had fun - surreal, this life of ours! Your family is the best, and we are now linked forever by this marriage as I know that Steve is one-of-yours...I am in Northern Maine recuperating - thanks for something to read about the wedding -nice blogging! - Merry Tufts


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