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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Nip

Starting to feel a bit nippy.  Temps in the low 40's.
Time to break out the Autumn Cocktail.   Not that we won't continue to pour Dark and Stormies.  Even though they rule in the summer, you can't just stop serving them cold turkey with the Fall rolls around.  So we keep the Stephan's Ginger Beer and Goslings Black Seal Rum on hand for Peeps unable to make the transition to the cool weather.
But this time of year, I always like to break out the Seagrams and Cranberry, with a squirt of lemon.  I also thoroughly enjoy an Apple Cider and Seagrams.   Both drinks have an autumn tinge to them... fit well with the season.  No need to use VO vs. Seagrams 7.  If I were to have a Seagrams on the rocks, then I'd choose VO, but the juice negates the distinction.
If I'm going to have whisky on the rocks, then I'm switching to single malt scotch anyway, so there is no issue.

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