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Sunday, October 25, 2009

After Adirondack

Made a lot of progress with Kate's Adirondack Chair today.  It's all assembled, and I have to glue some screw plugs, sand, and begin the finish work.
I've deviated from the traditional Adirondack chair based upon the most complicated through mortise and tenon joinery that I've ever attempted, the meranti mahoghany that was used instead of pine or cedar, and a more daring, eclectic back pattern.
It's one of the better pieces that I've done, and depending upon the outcome of the varnish work, I may submit photos to Fine Woodworking to see if they will publish it.  This is the first piece that I have felt that confident with, although I was really happy with Will's Toychest that I built a year and a half ago.
Course, I'll share some photos with you Peeps before I let Fine Woodworking expose the work to the rest of the woodworking world.
Next up for projects is the Nanepashemet Sign that I was carving for our warehouse, and I've got to finish the fence in the backyard before the weather really turns.
Sometime after that, the Marblehead Gunning Dory will be back on the priority list.

Katelyn Nestor said...
I love it!

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