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Monday, December 01, 2008

Work Bench Detour

I've decided that I'm not going to resume the Marblehead Gunning Dory project until I build a suitable workbench. Of course I've done a little research, bought some books from the Taunton Press, and know exactly the type of bench that I will build, and I'm not going to scrimp either.
I have purchased two front vises from Grizzly and have ordered tail vise hardware from Woodcraft and will be laminating the base from maple and mahoghany. The top will be birch plywood, laminated with CDX or MDF.
It's going to have lines like this nice Laguna production model, without the cabinet work in the base. I'm going to store it in the basement and cover it in Nanepashemet paperwork when not in use.... which will be most of the time unfortunately.
All in all, it will be a super cool bench and should be ready for action by February, when the Dory action will get back into the forefront.
There will be pictures. I hope to keep the quality equal to Will's Toy Chest which I view as my best work thus far, even better than the Herreshoff Columbia Tender, although you haven't seen the pics of the corner TV shelf that I made for Joanne last month.

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