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Friday, November 07, 2008

What's Your Plan?

Why all of the interest in what I'm doing this weekend???
Don't you have your own life?
You do, and it's time that you stop living your life vicariously through my experiences.
But just so you don't get hit cold turkey, I guess I'll have to let you in on my weekend plans.
Tomorrow, I plan on getting some details on my Maine Swan's Island Coast Guard survey done early in the morning, then off to Moynihan Lumber in Beverly to buy the moulding for the basement work. If I still have some gas left, I'll set up the chop saw in the basement and start installing the ceiling moulding. I'm actually looking forward to it.
That should take me through Sat and Sun until the Patriots game, at which time I'll kick back and plan the attack for next week's Nanepashemet Telecom's conquests.
So now why don't you figure out what the hell you plan to do this weekend!

Tuna Lips said...
I'mma gonna glaze some hams! Coo Coo!

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  1. Tuna Lips5:03 PM

    I'mma gonna glaze some hams! Coo Coo!


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