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Monday, November 10, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Joanne doesn't know it, but she bought two of these bench vises made by Grizzly for my Christmas Present last night.
I know I have a problem.... buying online tools late at night.... but it's my monkey, and I'll deal with it.

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  1. Tuna Lips1:21 PM

    Late night, I trolled around the iternets as well, youse can come across some genuwinely despairin' teens, lookin' to break frees of the chains of indignatioon shackled on them by unfeelin' parrental types. I likes to take them for a whopper junior and coke with no ice at the local Burger King lounge. Give them some time to ventilate. Have them call me "Starsky", which is also seen on my badge I got at the local tin snip.
    Cops flashin' they search lite inside my car, why, I was just fumblin fer my keys, my reaching downwards was to get a mint off the floor mat, at no time where my britches around my ankles. I'm on the job.


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