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Nanepashemet List of Truths and Facts

This list is going to be a great time saver for me.

Rather than continually answer your annoying and incessant questions of what I believe, below is the organic and growing list of Truths and Facts regarding the world as seen through the all-knowing lens of the Nanepashemet Blog.

So now... before you send me a neurotic vm, text, or email, please consult this list and your pathetic inquiry may be already answered, and you won't have to contact me at all.

  • Investing in the stock market is gambling - plain and simple.
  • The Shroud of Turin is a true image of Jesus Christ.
  • Everyone should practice a three day juice fast, four times a year to detoxify your system and reset your body.
  • UFO's and Extra-Terrestrial Beings exist.
  • Liberals who label others as racist are struggling with their own psychological beliefs.
  • Climate change exists, but it has nothing to do with Republicans.
  • We dodged a bullet when the people of Tennesee prevented Al Gore from becoming President.
  • Abortion is Capital Punishment to unborn human beings, legal or not.
  • The Pyramids are not tombs, but are undiscovered advanced ancient techologies.
  • God has no preference for either straight or gay people.
  • Christian leaders who interpret the will of God have lost their way in the Universe.
  • Some Psychics have true ability to foresee the future, others are phonies.
  • No race of humans is morally better than the other... given the same situations and technologies, each would exploit the others in the same fashion.
  • All religions pervert the path to God that humans strive to take.
  • Barach Obama is a product of hope and redemption for past racist policies of America.
  • Reincarnation is real... we've all been here many times.
  • BigFoot is real... so is the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Every living thing has the spark of the divine, but some people are consumed by evil.
  • There is no such thing as eternal hell.... the Hindu's have it right.... Earth is the place to work off offenses to the Universe that you have committed.
  • It is a lot more terrifying to be born than to die.
  • The underlying state of life is a feeling of daily pure  joy.
  • Revenge is pointless and self destructive.
  • Everything happens to everybody according to God's Universal Plan.
  • Every skill takes discipline and practice... we are always bad before we get good.
  • Honesty to yourself and others is the highest virtue.... but everybody tells lies everday.
  • Liberals Feel, Conservatives Think... the world needs both kinds.
  • Everyone should have a cat or a dog.
  • Mountain climbing is a stupid sport.
  • The Bible should be two books...  the Old Testament is a tribal record with some crazy stuff, and the New Testament is the Chronicle of a Perfect Master.
  • Male child molesters should be castrated.
  • Obamacare is an idea executed with extreme incompetence.
  • The President and his Family are not royalty, and we should not pay for more than one reasonable vacation per year.
  • Republicans stand on their own... Democrats need a Village.... our society needs both.
  • Struggling against Obesity is a big improvement over dying from malnutrition.
  • A Leader is Gender Neutral... M-F-H.
  • Large Corporations are cesspools of mediocrity.
  • Day trading is gambling.
  • Gary Sinise is the best actor alive...for may reasons.
  • Mayor Mennino and Congressman Frank prove the Tip O' Neill dictum... "All politics is Local.".... constituent service allows you to act like a crazy politician.
  • Carbs taste good, but they make you fat.
  • Making Popcorn with your Grandkids is Special Time together.
  • Repetition is the Path to Mastery.... learning to play a musical instrument hammers this home.
  • Living in the Present is Joyful... focusing on the past causes regret and focusing on the future causes anxiety.
  • Time speeds up when you get older.  An hour is much longer for a young child than an adult.
  • A Terrorist Act never has meaning and is futile suicide to the Terrorist.
  • At this point in our society, you are just plain stupid if you use the "N" word in any context.
  • Despite all of our striving, problems, and concerns.... no one...... including our progeny and descendants....... will have any real knowledge of us 100 years from now.
  • Those who murder in the name of God deserve a special place in Hell.
  • Global Warming Fears makes Liberals look silly. 
  • The Big Lie and Constant Denial are proven techniques to maintain Political power.
  • A three day Juice Fast is a quick start base to begin a weight loss diet.
  • Political Correctness is the antonym of  Freedom of Expression.
Enough for now.

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