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Having Nanepashemet Real Estate Services as your Buyer's Broker is the best deal in Town.
It doesn't cost you, the Buyer, anything... and here's what you get.
  • Representation as your agent by Nanepashemet, as we act exclusively in a fiduciary capacity on your behalf.
  • No fees or costs for our service.  All fees are paid by the Seller at the successful closing of the property.
  • Access to thirty years of Business and Real Estate Experienced advice.
  • Insight into every property that is offered on Multiple Listing Service in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
  • Patient counseling and energetic action in the real estate purchasing process.
  • A Solid Base in an often stressful business environment.
  • No hard sells, just informed advice about one of the most important financial decisions that you can make.
  • Step by Step assistance in every phase of purchasing a property .... from finding it, negotiating the purchase, complying with the laws and regulations that govern real estate transactions, coordinating and scheduling all of the obligations as a getting the keys at closing.
And.... If you utilize our services to respresent you as your Buyer's Broker, we will give you a $2,000 American Express Gift Card after the closing to get you started in your new home. 
Why???   Because we like this business,we're good at it, and we'd love to help you find the house that you've always wanted..
There's a ton of satisfaction in the process of helping people find a home and realize their dream.  And we get compensated fairly enough to want to give back.
So hit the Search  button and let's get started.
In a short time, you'll be talking like Michael "Murph" Murphy.....

Murph said....
"The best thing that I did was to hire J. Nestor to represent me and Beth as our Buyer's Broker.  There are so many sharks looking to take advantage of you in the real estate business and we met our share of them until Nanepashemet stepped in and paved the way for us to fnd and purchase the house of our dreams..  I would recommend J and his company to anyone."
Murph is a friend and you will be too when you hire Nanepashemet as your Buyer's Broker.

Contact for details.  Or call 781-727-6516 anytime.