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Monday, August 14, 2017

Reject Hate

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Lots of Liberal Heads have been exploding lately because President Trump won't condemn only the ultra right for Hate Protests.    It is not enough that he condemns all Hate groups.  He must specifically call out White Supremacists per the talking heads of the Democrat Propaganda MSM Outlets like ABC and NBC  . Apparently the Left believes that HATE is ok if it is embodied by groups like ANTIFA.

Trump is calling for the country to come together.  Again... this is anathema to the Liberal Left.

The underlying problem is that President Obama divided the country, and the Heartland of America responded by electing President Trump over a severely flawed Hillary Clinton candidate. The shocked, intolerant left cannot accept that they have been legitimately rejected for a politically incorrect President who won't pander to them.

The Left who preaches to reject Hate, practices it daily against our President Donald Trump

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