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Saturday, June 10, 2017

American Indians and Self Loathing Liberals

I just saw a Facebook post ranting about Native American genocide.   It is indeed a tragedy, but let's look at it with a little perspective, and put a little restraint on the Political Correctness.

I admire native American Culture and named my business after a Local Native American Sachem.

 But  if the Indians had their way, they would have annihilated the Europeans.

When Europeans originally came to North America they were successfully rebuffed in Virginia and Maine. It was the European microbes that carried the day as disease decimated native populations. Then it was superior European technology (ie metals and gunpowder).   Native Americans committed their share of atrocities and would have rebuffed the Europeans if technology, microbiology and fortune had been to their advantage.

It wasn't.

I am a white man of European descent. I admire Native American Culture..... but I don't feel guilty in the least bit.  Of course, I feel sorry that atrocities occurred.... but I objectively see no one race occupying the moral high ground.   Each would have prevailed given the opportunity and fortune.

This argument caused a lot of hysteria on Facebook.   One person was insulted that I called "Native Americans" as "Indians".   Sorry.... but that has been the terminology for a shitload of years and the PC police can KMA.  Others just called me names and insulted me.   One said she was offended that I named my business after a Native American because of my views. Typical Fascist behavior.  Suppress any truth that doesn't fit your preconceived narrative.

It is possible to admire another culture, observe the facts of history for what they are, and not hate your own race and background.   It must suck to be a self loathing Liberal.

Pizza Dough

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Comey Hysteria

Libbies are in high hysteria mode this morning about the testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey.

People like Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts are saying that Comey's contemporaneous notes regarding his meeting the the President are the equivalent of Nixon's Watergate Tapes.  

I don't think so.    Wishful thinking by Snowflake leaders.

Does anyone believe that President Trump telling Comey that he needs loyalty and hoped that the Flynn investigation should be dropped is unlawful in any way? The FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the President. Yet no "Demands" were made to Comey as evidenced by Comey's own written notes. Time to get back to the OBAMAGATE issue, but the MSM focus continues on the RUSSIAN INFLUENCE HOAX. 

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton remains at large despite her illegal server, destruction of subpoenaed emails and State Department Pimping. 

Monday, June 05, 2017

Optimal Outlook

The actor, Anthony Hopkins, once said....."Accept Everything, Expect Nothing.... things are so much easier that way."

It is a zen-like outlook that his hard to attain.