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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Tolerance and Respect

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Today I witnessed a little Liberal intolerance on FaceBook.  I was enjoying a little back and forth posts from two friends,both of whom I grew up knowing in Lynn, Liberal and One Conservative.  The argument was crisp and robust.... but also respectful.

Out of the Blue, another guy from our High School chimed in with name calling and a Trump bashing rant, concluding with why anyone from Lynn could ever side with Trump.  Pointed and insulting stuff.  Lots of anger and angst.

Peeps.  I hate to burst your bubble, but there is an infinite amount of reality in the universe.  Your version is just that.   Your viewpoint.... if it is an honest representation of reality as you see it..... is as true as the next guy's.

I know that Trump scares a lot of people.  They take literally every bit of smack that he throws out, and project massive generalizations about him.  They never fathomed that he would ever become President and rail against the inappropriateness that he appears to be to them.  Having followed his business career since the eighties, I have always admired him and trust his professional acumen.  But that's me.  I don't condemn others because they don't share my enthusiasm with Trump.

I feel their pain.  After initially being thrilled that America had elected its first Black President, I felt that President Obama transfixed into a Leftist ideologue with and deep seated resentment of America.   I became disillusioned and disappointed with Obama,  But that's me.  I don't condemn those who found solace and consolation with Obama in the White House.

Extoll your viewpoints.  I am happy to agree or disagree.  I will enjoy engaging in a heated discussion to enhance my positions, and trying to expose the shortcomings of viewpoints that I oppose.   But call me or my friends names just because our political viewpoint is different from you.... and show intolerance or disrespect....... That's when you get cast adrift.    That's when the MOAM pulls the plug.   But not without issuing a zinger or two just as a parting gift.

Come back when you grow up and can respect others opinions and tolerate different viewpoints in a free and pluralistic society.

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