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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dumb Blondes and Freedom of Speech

So I find out today that Phil Cash, the Liberal who slams Trump all the time and trolls my Facebook posts while frequently issuing unsolicited diatribes to me about why Trump is so bad.... just defriended me.

This is the guy who enraged my conservative friends, called me an idiot, and made fun of Conservative women who are blonde.

Apparently I have offended him and I'm no longer his Facebook friend.

Trust me.... I'm not upset by this..... but I legitimately don't understand how Liberals think.

You assail my positions...... I respond,....... you deFriend me.

Why did you take the time to post anything to me anyway?

Did you think that you could make me adopt your emotionally based, non factual, ranting diatribes?  Did you think that your epithets are so thoroughly truthful and logical that there is no possible retort with an opposing viewpoint?

Thank God we have freedom of speech in this country.... because I believe Liberals are very uncomfortable with it.... which makes me love it all the more.

BTW Phil.... those blondes that you insulted are not dumb.

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