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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Angst and Consternation

So a few days ago, a Liberal Classmate from Lynn English High School in the early 70's expressed dismay and frustration on a Facebook post.... pondering why anyone from Lynn could support Donald Trump.

Rather than analyse the pretentiousness and pomposity of that remark, I decided to assess the political leanings of my FB friends from that period.... albeit completely subjectively.

Many people who use discretion do not disclose their Political Leanings on Facebook.  That is probably a good policy, but one that I obviously do not adhere to.   I generally don't discuss religion, but politics is something that I'm happy to be out front on.

Of those Lynn friends who have made political statements, about 30 are Conservative and 20 are Liberal by my subjective assessment.  So right there, my Libbie Classmate seems to be behind the curve and fails to ascertain that people with a background from Lynn might logically harbor a Conservative viewpoint.

Of the twenty Liberals that I mentioned, about five have either DeFriended the MOAM, or Blocked me.  Which is OK with me.   If I irritate you, please defriend me.  Life is too short to be irritated by someone on Facebook.  I happily defriend others on this basis.  No harm, No foul.

But none of my Conserveative Friends have apparently given me the DeFriend Boot.

So my conclusions from this unscientific analysis is that my contemporary friends from Lynn are in the Conservative majority, and those Conservatives express tolerance a little better than my current or former Liberal friends.

Which will probably cause more angst and consternation for my Liberal Classmate.


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