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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hat's Off for Melania

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I'm so sick of Liberals who refuse to acknowledge the disgusting way that women are treated in Islamic countries.     It is a philosophy that says that women take a secondary position to men, and it has no place in ethical standards of contemporary global life.

Martha Radatz, Michelle Obama and (of course) H. Clinton dismiss the efforts of women's equality with their disgusting headscarf pandering and acceptance of the secondary position of women in Islamic life.

Thank you Donald and Melania Trump for forging a new standard of equality.

Bent Water Blast Off

So your MOAM went to the


last evening at the Bent Water Brewery just offthe Lynnway in Lynn.

I was Impressed!

Great Beer, Tremendous live music including an appearance by SuperPeep Brendan Ahern's Band, American Thread, and food that sold out quickly.

Bent Water Pearl is already the favorite MOAM beer, and even though I am not an IPA kind of guy, I really enjoy the ThunderFunk as well.

The Brewery itself is interesting with huge stainless steel tanks where fresh and new beers are constantly in the brewing process, and there is a nice tap room for sampling.

It is a must see for serious Nanepashemet Peeps.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Impact of Independent Counsel and Russians

I know that I swore off political commentary for awhile....

But... Screw THAT!

Too much is happening....   the Peeps need my counsel and guidance, and I can't let them down.

So many of you have asked me what it means to have a Special Independent Counsel, Robert Moeller, investigating the Russian Influence into the American Presidential Election.  Moeller is supposed to be the real deal.   Not inclined to do anything but professionally expose the facts.

So here is the MOAM's take.

Since Trump had absolutely no Russian connection, he is in the clear.
Freaking Ironical... Isn't it?

If I was John Podesta, I'd be worried.   If I was Susan Rice, I'd be worried.   If I was Hillary Clinton, I'd be imagining that Noose around her neck that she warned her sycophants about.   And If I was Bill Clinton... I'd just dial up  my favorite hookers and have a Red Neck Holiday.

I don't think the Dems really imagined that a valid independent Counsel would investigate this shill.....  They must be shitting their pants.

And... BTW.... if I was the spirit of the murdered Seth Rich..... I would be pleasantly satisfied.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dumb Blondes and Freedom of Speech

So I find out today that Phil Cash, the Liberal who slams Trump all the time and trolls my Facebook posts while frequently issuing unsolicited diatribes to me about why Trump is so bad.... just defriended me.

This is the guy who enraged my conservative friends, called me an idiot, and made fun of Conservative women who are blonde.

Apparently I have offended him and I'm no longer his Facebook friend.

Trust me.... I'm not upset by this..... but I legitimately don't understand how Liberals think.

You assail my positions...... I respond,....... you deFriend me.

Why did you take the time to post anything to me anyway?

Did you think that you could make me adopt your emotionally based, non factual, ranting diatribes?  Did you think that your epithets are so thoroughly truthful and logical that there is no possible retort with an opposing viewpoint?

Thank God we have freedom of speech in this country.... because I believe Liberals are very uncomfortable with it.... which makes me love it all the more.

BTW Phil.... those blondes that you insulted are not dumb.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Back Burner

I am frequently compelled to post on Facebook when I see incidents of hypocrisy on TV mainstream media news programs.  It is really aggravating to see journalists who are supposed to be objective.....pandering, fabricating, and propagandizing their bias onto current events.

For me, a Facebook retort is a little therapy.  It calms me down a bit.  But like all actions that we take, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and a little give and take ensues on the Facebook platform.  I like this, and the conflicting viewpoints are a source of entertainment for me.

But not for a lot of other people.

Many of my friends and acquaintances are offended when they see opposing viewpoints.  Instead of engaging in a discussion of why their opinion is different, they simply get angry and lash out.  I admit that this behavior is a mystery to me.

Does the opposing viewpoint uncover psychological self feelings that are intolerable?  Could that be why people shy away from a civil discussion?   I don't know.  I was a PoliSci major.   The depth of my expertise was getting a "B" in Psych101 at UMASS Amherst.

But it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the practice of me coping with what I perceive as irritating hypocrisy by posting my viewpoints on Facebook is a source of consternation to many.

So as I have done in the past, it is time to give it a rest.  Time to step away from the silliness of politics.

Your MOAM has a boat to build in Peabody, a house to finish on Marblehead Neck, an Aquaponics garden to maintain, Grandkids to boast about , and a few Wireless projects to attend to.  Time to put politics in Facebook on the back burner

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jefferson and Facebook

"I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, or in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend."

-  Thomas Jefferson


Happy Mothers Day.
Recently I was de-friended on FACEBOOK by a Mom who disagreed with my stance on Planned Parenthood.

She said that as a man, I had no idea what it is like to have an unwanted pregnancy.

Which is absolutely true.

Then she said that Planned Parenthood provided many health services for women.  I told her that they didn't perform mammograms, which she disputed.

I asked her what she thought about PP selling body parts of aborted babies.  No opinion on that.

I told her that I supported her right to have an abortion, but not as a form of birth control or convenience, and unless performed under the most extreme circumstances, it is immoral.

She made a sour face. 

She said she still likes me even though she defriended me.

I told her that I had no problem with being defriended, because she is a Whack Job Liberal.

It was a lovely conversation.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Redd's Pond Gunning Dory

This beautiful reproduction of a Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory was found sitting at the opening of the Redd's Pond Boatyard in Marblehead this morning.   It looks like it it was faithfully constructed according to the plans that John Gardner published about fifty years ago.

It is hard chine planking on permanent frames with oak tems and railings, with  cedar seats.  The flooring was a wood that I am not familiar with.... possibly hickory or ash.

A finely crafted boat and very inspirational to me.

The one that I am building in Peabody is built along the same lines, but mine will be planked with 1/4" cedar strips, covered with fiberglass and epoxy, and finished bright with marine varnish.  I have also rounded the chines to accommodate the change in planking.

The 70 Nanepashemet project has my boat completion schedule pushed way off though.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

State of Grace

This is my Grandson, Ethan Nestor at his First Holy Communion.  Proud of him.

Angst and Consternation

So a few days ago, a Liberal Classmate from Lynn English High School in the early 70's expressed dismay and frustration on a Facebook post.... pondering why anyone from Lynn could support Donald Trump.

Rather than analyse the pretentiousness and pomposity of that remark, I decided to assess the political leanings of my FB friends from that period.... albeit completely subjectively.

Many people who use discretion do not disclose their Political Leanings on Facebook.  That is probably a good policy, but one that I obviously do not adhere to.   I generally don't discuss religion, but politics is something that I'm happy to be out front on.

Of those Lynn friends who have made political statements, about 30 are Conservative and 20 are Liberal by my subjective assessment.  So right there, my Libbie Classmate seems to be behind the curve and fails to ascertain that people with a background from Lynn might logically harbor a Conservative viewpoint.

Of the twenty Liberals that I mentioned, about five have either DeFriended the MOAM, or Blocked me.  Which is OK with me.   If I irritate you, please defriend me.  Life is too short to be irritated by someone on Facebook.  I happily defriend others on this basis.  No harm, No foul.

But none of my Conserveative Friends have apparently given me the DeFriend Boot.

So my conclusions from this unscientific analysis is that my contemporary friends from Lynn are in the Conservative majority, and those Conservatives express tolerance a little better than my current or former Liberal friends.

Which will probably cause more angst and consternation for my Liberal Classmate.


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Tolerance and Respect

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Today I witnessed a little Liberal intolerance on FaceBook.  I was enjoying a little back and forth posts from two friends,both of whom I grew up knowing in Lynn, Liberal and One Conservative.  The argument was crisp and robust.... but also respectful.

Out of the Blue, another guy from our High School chimed in with name calling and a Trump bashing rant, concluding with why anyone from Lynn could ever side with Trump.  Pointed and insulting stuff.  Lots of anger and angst.

Peeps.  I hate to burst your bubble, but there is an infinite amount of reality in the universe.  Your version is just that.   Your viewpoint.... if it is an honest representation of reality as you see it..... is as true as the next guy's.

I know that Trump scares a lot of people.  They take literally every bit of smack that he throws out, and project massive generalizations about him.  They never fathomed that he would ever become President and rail against the inappropriateness that he appears to be to them.  Having followed his business career since the eighties, I have always admired him and trust his professional acumen.  But that's me.  I don't condemn others because they don't share my enthusiasm with Trump.

I feel their pain.  After initially being thrilled that America had elected its first Black President, I felt that President Obama transfixed into a Leftist ideologue with and deep seated resentment of America.   I became disillusioned and disappointed with Obama,  But that's me.  I don't condemn those who found solace and consolation with Obama in the White House.

Extoll your viewpoints.  I am happy to agree or disagree.  I will enjoy engaging in a heated discussion to enhance my positions, and trying to expose the shortcomings of viewpoints that I oppose.   But call me or my friends names just because our political viewpoint is different from you.... and show intolerance or disrespect....... That's when you get cast adrift.    That's when the MOAM pulls the plug.   But not without issuing a zinger or two just as a parting gift.

Come back when you grow up and can respect others opinions and tolerate different viewpoints in a free and pluralistic society.