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Friday, April 28, 2017

LIVING Room Renovation Products.

The living room area of the 70 Nanepashemet Renovation is one of the focal points of the project.  Because the area basically a 600 sf rectangle, we are looking for ways to make the area comfortable and interesting.   One way is to install a  coffered ceiling system to break up the visual space and add character.

Ekena Millwork CC08ICI02X20X20TR 20"W x 2"P x 20"L Inner Cross Intersection for 8" Traditional Coffered Ceiling System:

20-Inch W x 2-Inch P x 20-Inch L Inner Cross Intersection for 8-Inch Traditional Coffered Ceiling System.

Combined with the raised panel system that I am using for the fireplace mantle, it should give a warm and traditional look to the extensive 20x30 living room area.

Course the brick fireplace has to be refurbished.  I am planning to use this product....
to clean the soot in lieu of the regulare muriatic acid treatment.   I hope this works because the acid is nasty stuff to work with.

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