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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Earth Day

So I guess today was Earth Day.

I saw on the news that Liberals marched against Trump.

I saw people looking to pick up trash very conspicuously on a public property.

I read about some of my Marblehead Selectman candidates talking about some solar panels that were installed somewhere in the Town.

Peeps.... In case you haven't picked up on this by now, I am a solid Denier of Global Warming..... and pretty well damn proud of that fact.

That doesn't make me anti-science.

And it doesn't make me against the environment.

What it DOES make me is ANTI-    Liberal Self Absorbed Phoney Bullshit.

For the entire Obama administration... eight years.... we heard how critical global warming was. Obama said it was our most important issue.  When it seemed that the warming part started not to make sense, Lib thought police changed the name to "Climate Change".  Which is Bullshit.  Every moderately educated person has been taught that the climate is always in flux.   10,000 years ago, I would have been sitting under a Mile High Glacier, while writing this pathetic blog.

I am asking you to examine the last years personally very closely.   Have you seen even one instance of global warming in your own life?  I'm not talking about conjured up statistics that the MSM feeds us as scientific fact.   I'm talking about your own personal experience.  Be honest with yourself.

What has happened to you to think that the Earth is warming and headed for global catastrophe????
Obviously, if we were on the precipice of the abyss, don't you think there would be tangible signs that the weather and environment was starting to get freaky????

SO if you believe in global warming..... give me one freaking example from your own experience.

Just ONE.

Otherwise, honestly admit to yourself, that Global Warming is Liberal Bullshit designed to deter attention away from real problems.... like the national debt and urban decay....  the stuff they don't want you to think about.

Oh, and BTW... Happy Earth Day.

Friday, April 28, 2017

LIVING Room Renovation Products.

The living room area of the 70 Nanepashemet Renovation is one of the focal points of the project.  Because the area basically a 600 sf rectangle, we are looking for ways to make the area comfortable and interesting.   One way is to install a  coffered ceiling system to break up the visual space and add character.

Ekena Millwork CC08ICI02X20X20TR 20"W x 2"P x 20"L Inner Cross Intersection for 8" Traditional Coffered Ceiling System:

20-Inch W x 2-Inch P x 20-Inch L Inner Cross Intersection for 8-Inch Traditional Coffered Ceiling System.

Combined with the raised panel system that I am using for the fireplace mantle, it should give a warm and traditional look to the extensive 20x30 living room area.

Course the brick fireplace has to be refurbished.  I am planning to use this product....
to clean the soot in lieu of the regulare muriatic acid treatment.   I hope this works because the acid is nasty stuff to work with.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Blog Lapse

Superpeep Matt Lyons reminded me that the MOAM has lapsed on this Blog for about three weeks.


Then when I tried to log in, I had a lot of trouble, putting me in somewhat of a MOAM Panic (if that is Possible).  I started to think of the possibility that the wisdom/absurdity of the Nanepashemet Blog may be lost forever.....

Holy SHIT!!!!  Can't even conceptualize the chaos that would cause.

So I am very sorry.... with no real excuses for the lapse.

Yes, Nanepashemet Telecom is in a real slow period with Carriers in a funk about network buildouts.

Yes. the Braintrust of  Nanepashemet has moved to put our resources into high end residential renovation... and have been doing a lot of physical labor lately.

And yes, the MOAM has been focusing alot on Facebook posts.... to the detriment of this pathetic blog.

But these are not excuses.

Peeps..... I have let millions, or thousands.... ok probably tens of you like Matt swing in the breeze.... hoping against Hope that this Blog will provide guidance.  I admit the atrocity of this, and will not let you down..... ever again..... until the next time.



Monday, April 03, 2017

Public Debt Trend

During the Obama Administration, the national debt increased steadily.   It is nice to see that trend has halted since Trump has taken office.

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Rigging for Russians

Were the emails false?Image may contain: 1 person, text

This whole "Russia and Putin collaborated with Trump to rig the election" outrage is troubling.  My Libbie friends buy into the generalized comments made by MSM outlets like ABC News as a fait accompli.

But nobody that I have asked.... and your MOAM has asked a shitload of Peeps.... can tell me ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE of what the Russians did to make people vote against H.   They say that the Russians hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee, then leaked them to WikiLeaks.

How does that influence the election?
Did they spead FAKE NEWS?

Can you give be ONE SPECIFIC EXAMPLE???????

My problem, as some of you Peeps might have picked up on, is that the MSM spread Fake Polls and Fake News daily against Donald Trump in an effort to derail his election.

The MSM tried to rig it, and it is there in full daily video to document it.

But the Russian investigation is going on in Congress.......
Time to dust off my old copy of George Orwell's Animal Farm.