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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Watch This to Cheer UP

Needed a little Pick-me-up this morning.
Watching Liberals in utter defeat is always a good prescription for this.

Pink P Hats for PP


Abortion Factory subsidized by us with our federal tax dollars.

Maintains abortion quotas to drive their business.

Sells body parts.

Takes our tax money and donates millions to Democratic candidates who in turn vote to continue to subsidize this organization.

Can't make this stuff up.

And for my intolerant Libbie friends who like to tell me that it is okay because abortion is legal, let me remind you that owning slaves used to be legal in this country as well.    Just because it is legal doesn't make it moral.

However, I have to qualify that despite my firm opinion that abortion in close to all circumstances is immoral, my position on abortion is that I am PRO-CHOICE.

And my reasoning is this.....

The state has the legal ability to take a person's life for just cause.  It is called capital punishment.

The state has given women the legal right to enact capital punishment on the life of a fetus growing within their body.

My prayer is that this ability to enact capital punishment is only exercised in the most egregious circumstances in both cases..... the instance of the state killing a criminal, or a women killing a fetus.

Abortion for convenience is murder.  Aborting a fetus because it doesn't fit your lifestyle, or is at odds with your financial plans, or comes at a time that doesn't meet your schedule..... is MURDER.  It may be legal, but it is still MURDER.    And Planned Parenthood has office quotas to process their business of facilitating murder.

Don't tell me that women who have a legitimate need to go through with this extreme procedure do not have any alternative other  than resorting to this disgusting Planning Parenthood Liberal bastion funded with our tax dollars.

SO if you want to wear your Pink P Hat in support of PP,  go march your ass off.  That is your legal right too.  You are making your point known,,,, that you support this moral decay and the marginalization of life in our society.  

Thursday, March 23, 2017


My Mother-in-Law, Mary LeBlanc passed into the other dimension today.

She suffered a brain aneurysm 14 months ago, had a massive operation and fought her way back to a communicative state for many months.

Nine years ago, she was committed to a nursing home with fluid on the brain.   After a successful procedure, she made a complete recovery and enjoyed quality time with her beloved husband Joe, and her many grandchildren.

We counted her out back then, but she fought back and fooled us.

Then we counted her out 14 months ago, but she fought back and fooled us.

She ended the fight this afternoon.

Like all of us, she was no saint.  Over the years that I knew her... close to 50.... there were ups and downs in my perception of her.   But she ended the last stages of her life in a solid up.

After a long career at Lynn English High School where she was a Business Teacher and a Vice Principal, many knew her as a personable and helpful resource and she was widely accepted and loved

She enjoyed many strong relationships as a Communicant at St. Pius Church in Lynn as well as her neighbors at her apartment building on Victory Road.

But her greatest identity was being "Bam".,,, the grandmother of seven grandchildren and six great grandchildren.  Her grandchildren truly loved her and developed a familial bond that was totally evident to all who witnessed it.

She was a wonderful wife to her husband Joe... the devoted "Bampy" who was such a loyal husband and life companion.

I will miss Bam.  I am glad to have shared this much of the ride with her.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Arts and Crafts Style

Product Image 2

Example of James Hardie Cement Fiber Siding that we are considering for 70 Nanepashemet Street.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gansbaai, South Africa - Shark Diving

Last September, Mike and I attended Nathaniel and Raelene's Wedding in South Africa.  Fond memories of Great White Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai, which is a hundred or so miles east of Cape Town.

shark bite

Shark cage-diving

Having experienced this on a controlled basis from within a steel cage, I would not put my big toe in a salt water beach in South Africa.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bruins Twitter

Grandson Will and his Uncle Mike at the Bruins Philadelpia game today.   Made it to the Bruins Twitter page too!

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Improving Marblehead Neck

Who hasn't dreamed of living on Marblehead Neck?  This North Shore neighborhood, situated on a penisula that borders Marblehead Harbor and Salem Sound,  contains some of the finest ocean front homes in the country as well as the prestigious Eastern Yacht Club and the Corinthian Yacht Club.

Our house renovation on Marblehead Neck has a month of construction work completed after our closing at the end of January.  Our Architect, Jai Singh Khalsa, has proposed an innovative design to open it up with a two story entrance vista and vaulted cathedral ceilings in the Kitchen/ Dining area.

And it doesn't hurt that the 19,000 square foot lot is nestled around a scenic pond replete with peaceful mallard ducks.

Last month was dedicated to permitting and demolition to envision the plan.  This should be accomplished by mid month, and we can start to install the HVAC, and Electricity.   The walls and ceilings will be insulated sometime at the beginning of April, and then the Drywall and Exterior Finishes will commence.

This is a high end renovation in a neighborhood surrounded by two million dollar homes.  We would sell this in its current, ready to develop situation for $1.35 Million.  If you wait for completion, the price will jump to $1.8 million.

A bargain for this incredible area.