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Friday, February 17, 2017

Political Correctness on the Run

For seventy minutes yesterday, President Trump took on the biased left wing media yesterday in a refreshing and open press conference.

Image result for trump news conference

It was incredible how he frankly and openly confronted the bloated and disgusting lazyness of a press that has lost its way after the fawning and phoniness of the Obama last eight years.

On ABC Good Morning America today, your MOAM was pleasantly surprised that George Steffy and his Liberal Syncophants were set on their heals by the President.s frank demeanor.   Their assertions that the White House is in Chaos were echoing with the insidious din of Fake News.

And BTW, don't you love it that the moniker FAKE NEWS is being pinned on the biased Main Stream Media to their utter dismay?   They are trying to make the term socially unacceptable like the "N"word.... it scares them so much.   And it scares them because it defines them.

No longer can they propagandize to the Sheep without consequence.

President Trump's openness is sometimes ackward, but political correctness is now off the table.

This is incredibly refreshing.

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