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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Facebook Infatuation and Pluralism

My infatuation with Facebook continues unabated.... which is both entertaining and annoying.

But I am starting to notice trends.

Facebook used to be a status site.   "I'm at Dairy Queen in Everett eating Ice Cream with Henry".

Now it has morphed to extensive political debates and rancorous discourse.

I don't condemn this..... in fact I admit that I really enjoy it.

But I've started to develop some protocols for posting.

I'll respect you, no matter how much I disagree, and no matter how heated our threads get.... as long as the conversation doesn't deteriorate into a personal insult, or you whip out the Racist or Nazi card in your disdain for President Trump.   When that happens, I will do my best to aggravate the crap out of you in the thread,and  afterwards I'll defriend and block you from seeing any more of my posts..... and insuring that I don't see yours.

The reason is that after you show your character by getting underhanded, every time I see you after that, I get a negative feeling.   Life is too freaking short to get aggravated just by seeing your name at that point.  So Buh Bye.

Don't get me wrong.   I don't condemn you to everlasting Hell fire.  I just don't need a negative thought emanating from me just because I see your posts.

And I hope my Facebook experience doesn't get homogenized.... I actually really cherish the exchanges I have with people who I disagree with, but with whom the line of mutual respect for different opinions is not crossed.

 Liberals take Trump literally and don't take him 😒 seriously. Conservatives take Trump seriously and don't take him literally. I suppose something in you DNA determines how you react to him. 

I didn't make this up, Saw it somewhere on line, but this explains a lot for me.

After a number of years doing this, it is apparent that "facts" will never change people's opinion... so that is never my expectation to make you change your mind.   My goal in a Facebook political tread is to articulate my position (often so that I solidify it for myself), and have a little fun sparring with those who think differently than I do.

So if you want to be defriended, call me an Asshole, or call our POTUS a Racist.  You will get your wish, and I will move on with people who can respect others in a pluralistic society.

Friday, February 17, 2017

You Might Be A Snowflake

Political Correctness on the Run

For seventy minutes yesterday, President Trump took on the biased left wing media yesterday in a refreshing and open press conference.

Image result for trump news conference

It was incredible how he frankly and openly confronted the bloated and disgusting lazyness of a press that has lost its way after the fawning and phoniness of the Obama last eight years.

On ABC Good Morning America today, your MOAM was pleasantly surprised that George Steffy and his Liberal Syncophants were set on their heals by the President.s frank demeanor.   Their assertions that the White House is in Chaos were echoing with the insidious din of Fake News.

And BTW, don't you love it that the moniker FAKE NEWS is being pinned on the biased Main Stream Media to their utter dismay?   They are trying to make the term socially unacceptable like the "N"word.... it scares them so much.   And it scares them because it defines them.

No longer can they propagandize to the Sheep without consequence.

President Trump's openness is sometimes ackward, but political correctness is now off the table.

This is incredibly refreshing.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Documenting Illegal

Image may contain: text

So this event will be covered in the Main Stream Media as far reaching with an overwhelming impact.  Another opportunity for FAKE NEWS.

BTW  "Undocumented" is Libbie Speak for Illegal.

The effort to smear Republicans as being against Immigration only works if they leave out the "Illegal" part.

Immigrants make our country strong.  What is so wrong with requiring that they legally enter our country?

Monday, February 06, 2017


Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling

This is the guy, Tom Brady, that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell tried to restrict by saying that he cheated by  deflating  footballs.  Like Brady ever, ever EVAH had to tamper with footballs.

Brady is an inspiration by his dedication to his career and his family.

Goodell on the other hand, looked like a cur with its tail between its legs as he handed the Lombardi Trophy to Patriots Owner, Robert Kraft, who put the disgusting bureaucrat in his place.

Roger that, Roger.  Karma is a Bitch.

Tom Brady is the Greatest Quarterback of all Time, and all of the Haters like Goodell have come up short.. ONE MORE TIME.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Best SuperBowl Ad

RogerThat_30.43_5th_Ring_WIP02_ProRes from Shields Health Care on Vimeo.

Love is a Never Empty Vessel.

Last Monday, Mike and Pam Nestor saw this guy make his debut on the Earthly Plane.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

We welcome Drew Joseph Nestor with open arms.  Glad that you chose us to be part of your life in this sojourn.   We are expecting no less than great things from Drew and will strive to help you make them happen.

Uncle Ryan and Auntie Kim gave Jack and Emmy Nestor a three month head start.  But you will catch up with your cousins in no time.

The sixth Grandchild for the MOAM.   This never gets old.  Love is a never empty vessel.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Flooring and Planking.

So today, a frigid Saturday in February, my mission is to put down the Maple Hardwood Floor in the guest bathroom and Nanepashemet World Headquarters.

I've had the 3/4 stock piled in my office for a while now, and today is the day that it all gets pneumatically nailed in place.

No Facebook political battles will deter me.   I don't care if you call me a Nazi, Racist, KKK Member, or that Sexist M word that I can never spell..... you won't lure me away from my appointed task.

By the end of the day, I will be looking at a slab of maple hardwood, sparkling in the Bathroom.

The floor will be finished with multiple coats of high gloss Poly over the next week, then baseboards will be installed and the toilet and sink can go in.

Tomorrow, on Superbowl Sunday, my goal is to get some time in the Peabody Shop routing the cove portion of  the cedar strip planking for the Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory.    I set up the router table with the specialty 1/4" cove bit last week and the test run was perfect.  So there is a chance that I can finish all of the planks in a couple of hours if I can get on a roll.

Course, everything halts in the afternoon as I prepare rituals to insure that the Patriots win their fifth Super Bowl.  Brady and Belichick deserve it... and not just because they are loyal Trump Supporters.

Integrated into all of this high level activity is the need to check in with Drew Joseph Nestor.... the first born of Mike and Pam Nestor and my sixth Grandchild, who made his entry onto the earthly plane last week, on Monday, January 30.  I'm expecting great things of Drew.... and will definitely teach him how to lay down a hardwood floor and plank a Dory.

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Facebook and Politics

Over the last few days, as the reality is setting in that Donald Trump is indeed our President, the level of political discourse seems to have markedly intensified.

Facebook exchanges have become increasing polarized and hostile.  The name calling, insults and epithets have been flying in all directions, making many people very uncomfortable and uneasy.   If you do not endure confrontation well, it is not a place to hang your hat in for any amount of time.

Some people have opted to give Facebook a rest for awhile... but they often are back in the fray momentarily.

Others have lamented the mean spirited turn that posts seem to have taken, and are exhorting to stop posting on political issues.

And some have reveled in the atmosphere of conflict, seeking to aggravate and exasperate with provocative posts.

Those of you who are friends with the MOAM know that I don't mind mixing things up with people.  If you say President Trump is a Nazi, or a Racist, or some other label, I generally will challenge you.  Everyone has a right to their opinion.   But Everyone's opinion isn't always right.

And if you study my posts (which BTW is not a particularly productive time for anyone), you will see that I NEVER stoop to calling people names.   And I consciously strive not to insult people, although this is always hard.   Yet, I have run into instances where people have assailed me saying that I insult them by "presenting opposing opinions" to their posts....  Or say that if I support Trump then somehow I must be threatening my own daughters.... Or say that I must somehow have Republican Friends who are members of the KKK.

These unfounded and incendiary comments portend a scary notion.

This nation is based upon free speech, and the ability for people to express themselves in a quest for happiness and the truth.  If you stifle opposing opinions, you enclose yourself in an intellectual hovel that bans reason and creativity.  It is the path to totalitarianism and ultimately to the loss of liberty.

In a pluralistic, democratic society, political discourse should be a cherished right..... Not a feared and vilified activity.   I will continue to express my political opinions on Facebook and elsewhere in this amazing electronic Internet forum.

The world has become a small village.  And in the American small villages like Marblehead, MA where I live, our ancestors would congregate at the markets, public houses, docks and workshops and exchange political discourse.  There was a face to face civility then that is lost now....where people can speak so freely behind electrons and computer screens.

I hope we can find our civility again, but if not, so be it.  You have a huge flaw in character if everyone likes you.... it means you haven't taken a stand and have no standards.

The beauty of Facebook is the ability to Block those that offend you.   Numerous people have blocked me and I, in turn, rarely suffer someone who continually aggravates me before using the Blocking feature.   I have never been insulted about being blocked. It increases the quality of relationships who appreciate your level of discourse.

So don't give up on Facebook.  It is an incredible resource for a Democracy.   And please block me if I offend you, because I will be doing the same.