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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Resolution Review

So far, I've kept to my Resolution to lose at least a pound per week and have shed 10 lbs. or so.  Twenty minutes on the Cybex before any shower and watching my Carb intake has been the ticket.  The exercise by itself only maintains my current weight.... adding the Low Carb diet has been crucial.

Most days, I roll out of bed and hop right on the Cybex after morning coffee.  As my friend, Lisa, used to say, it's better to get it out of the way early in the morning.  Agree Lisa.

But I feel a lot better with this small start.  Lots of miscellaneous aches and pains that I had taken to be a sign of age have diminished or even disappeared.

Joanne and I have gotten into a pattern of eating meat and salad at dinner, and I usually have three scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast.  Juice, Coffee and raw nuts fill the need to snack.  I'm not going overboard though.... Bent Water Pearl Beer, the Nanepashemet Classic Winter Cocktail, and Jameson's Irish have not been banned.

And If I have pizza or pasta, I'm not vilifying myself.  I don't want this to be obsessive.... just want to incorporate a basic low Carb habit into my eating patterns.

But this path has been tread before.  And I have veered off.  Just have to keep it up day by day.

A big plus has been that work at Nanepashemet has gotten back to the physical construction mode as we prepare to flip the property at 70 Nanepashemet Street.  It's nice to get out from behind a computer, and probably a lot more healthy.  This morning though I will be concentrating on the bathroom remodel at Nanepashemet World Headquarters.

Joanne doesn't want to invite any dinner guests over until the remodel is done... and I really don't blame her.  The bathroom is ugly and gross.   So I ripped out the toilet and sink yesterday, will be working in the walls today and hopefully install the maple hardwood floor tomorrow.

That may have to take the place of the Cybex this weekend.

No work on the Chamberlain Marblehead Gunning Dory at the shop today, but I'm ahead of schedule on that project.

Have a nice weekend..... next week..... PATRIOTS SUPERBOWL!!!!

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