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Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day

Today marks the end of political doublespeak in Washington. It is the end of political correctness. It is honesty with the human flaws that honesty exposes. To those who like to have soothing lullaby's from their POTUS, you will be sorely disappointed, But your whining is not reaching the ears of the American Heartland who restored the train of progress on the Trump Train Track.

There is an undertow of joy and celebration that out of touch Libbie Elitists and the Main Stream Media can't admit and won't admit.

God Bless our new President Donald Trump. May you keep tweeting your honest emotions directly to the Heartland that swept you to office. May your God Given management skills restore common sense policy, economic prosperity and true fairness to our great country!

Go Trump!

Go Tom Brady!

Go New England Patriots!

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