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Friday, October 28, 2016

Weiner Roast

So Carlos Danger's Weiner is causing a bit of commotion tonight. Someone in Congress has scared the shit out of Comey for his Clinton Shill act. He didn't just "reopen" this FBI H email investigation because of a Weiner revelation. There is ironclad pressure on him. Trump has not closed the gap.... There is no gap...... He has surged ahead in the true polls indicating that a Reagan-Carter like landslide is in the making.
The Main Stream Media realizes this and will now sink H in order to salvage credibility. We will see more softball interviews with Trump and his Family in the next few days, as the MSM tries to walk this back.The MSM has thrown the kitchen sink at Trump in order to keep H in control and maintain their Establishment Order. Now that they see that they have failed through unbiased polling results and unprecedented Trump rally electorate responses, they are heading to the Trump Train station.
Against all odds, Trump is going to win this, and the MSM knows it now. MOAM could be wrong, but check back in in eleven days. I don't think so.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Concealed European Door Hinges

I'm building another storage cabinet, and going with concealed European Door Hinges for the first time.

Bought six of these from McMaster Carr as well has a Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig.

The Door Stiles and Rails will come from left over Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring left over from the kitchen renovation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Positive Procreation

Congratulations to Ryan and Kim Nestor who were blessed with the birth of Baby Emmy Nestor and Baby Jack Nestor on Sunday morning.    Their Brothers, Ethan and Will are happy and their Nana, Joanne, is ecstatic!  Mom and babies are resting and healthy.  Praise be to God.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

King Tide at Stramski Landing

King tide at Stramski Landing.  Never gets this high.


Aquaponics Final Stages

Aquaponics Greenhouse is in the final stage of completion.

I just have to glaze in the front and the back.

All of the roof and side panels have been designed to be easily removable in order to tend to the plants in the growbeds.

A wireless thermometer captures the temperature reading and sends it to a receiver in my living room.  My hope is that this will keep the system warm enough over the winter to maintain the circulation of water between the fish tank and the grow beds.

And maybe I can harvest a Kale salad from time to time.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Insults and Ass Kicking

The election for POTUS this year is one of the nastiest in this MOAM's memory.  It just seems like both sides envision the victory of the candidate that they oppose as a dive into wholesale oblivion.

Of course, this isn't so.

Our Founding Fathers designed a system of government that causes gridlock.... and the inability of any change by any one faction to be efficiently foisted onto the masses.  It has caused an amazingly frustrating but stable system.   Change is a bulky and clumsy process in this system of checks and balances, and only occurs after much realignment and iteration.

So as Disgusting as Hillary is, or as Obnoxious as Donald is.... neither will have the ability to ride roughshod over our laws and institutions.

Foreign policy is a different matter.  The President has the ability to act swiftly in matters of national defense, but that doesn't necessary effect our daily way of life.

So people shouldn't be afraid of the electoral outcome.

Being aggravated, however is a different matter.

Your MOAM has declared his intention to vote for Donald Trump.  As such, many cyberfriends note that I must be a Republican, even though I maintain a standing as an unenrolled Independent.  But I would be disingenuous to act as though I didn't favor the Republican Conservative view and hardly ever side with Democrats.

I also tend to engage and debate those who like to call Republicans "Racists".   This a a MOAM pet peeve, because history distinctly points out that Democrats were the proponents of slavery, Jim Crow, the establishment of the KKK, and consistently voting against the landmark civil rights legislation. Thank you Senator Robert Byrd.  I don't call Democrats "Racist".  I just don't like it when they are so oblivious to the historical stance of their party, and then try to deny the fact and glibly paste the label on their opponents.  Of course, they deny this, change the subject and call me names.

As such, I have been accused of being a Hater, Insane, Uneducated and exhorted to Crawl Back into the Cave where I came from when the election is over.  I have been blocked and defriended in Facebook, and I have even had people decry their relatives who have not thrown me out with the morning dishwater.

Peeps.... Your MOAM was born and brought up in Lynn, Massachusetts.  That may mean nothing to you, but to Lynners like me.... it says it all.   Verbal abuse runs off Lynners easier than "Hi. How are Ya."  Doesn't matter if you graduated from Lynn English, Lynn Classical, Tech or St. Mary's.  But that's for another post.

So when a high minded outraged Libbie decides to call me names..... it is "Bring It ON" time.

For the record, I have paid a shitload of tuition and ended up with degrees from UMASS, BU and a number of professional certifications such as PMP.

I don't live in a Cave and own a couple of houses.... although living in a Cave might be cool.

I am a Lover, not a Hater.  Have real non-cyber friends of diverse races, religions and places of national origin.

Insane?   ..... well not by legal standards anyway,

Unfortunately, I do get a bit of sick enjoyment out of these exchanges.... does that make me a bad person?   Probably to some.

In three weeks. we will have a new asshole President.  That I can predict with the utmost certainty.  I personally prefer the obnoxious ego maniac Trump over the Racketeer Corrupt Clinton... But that's just me.   Over the short haul, neither will have the unfettered ability to do much.  And over the long haul.... like the outcome of Supreme Court Appointees.... well that's my grandkids problems.

But if H gets in, and that is my current assumption, Libs shouldn't be thinking that I'll have my tail between my legs.  Give the MOAM shit and he'll kick your Ass.... figuratively of course....  just like normal Lynners do.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Official Autumn Cocktail

So here we are in October.

Time to break out the Seagrams VO and Cider, which has been the official autumn drink of Nanepashemet for since even before you pathetic Peeps started asking me what cocktail you should be drinking.

This year, I have substituted the cinnamon garnish with some pumpkin pie spice which is just cinnamon with some ginger mixed in for the most part.

A most satisfying Beveridge to watch the Patriots game with.

Pats are playing the Bills who are coached by Rex Reed.... a most despicable rival.   Course the Bills are up by 10 points in the first period, and the Pats have shown no ability to even make a first down.

So I'm going to sit back and chill with the Official Autumn Cocktail.

There is always a reason to be happy.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Federal Street Firehouse.

This is where my father worked when I was growing up.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  That's how freaking old I am.

 In the back of this fire barn on Federal Street in Lynn, they built boats until the new Chief put an end to that activity.  My father built a 14' motor boat with fins that he put a 35 HP Johnson outboard on for power.   That Johnson was totally undependable.