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Sunday, September 04, 2016

The Sheep Don't Care




I confess that I am mystified why anyone would support Hillary Clinton as their President.  It seems that they just don't care about all of the lies, and immoral behavior that she exhibits.

So I have been examining a theory of why someone who probably is a good person would vote for a disgusting racketeer like H.

My current rumination is that Moonbats see Republicans as authority figures who somehow are responsible for all of the problems that Libbies face. The don't take responsibility for their own lives and want government to fill their void for security. So they vote against Republicans and will gladly support a liar and manipulator like H who panders to them rather than exposing the harsh truths that comes with taking care of yourself. 

If you are someone who will not pander, like Trump, then you are a big, meany bully or worse.   Conservatives wants them to stand on their own two feet.   Which of course, they can't.

Unfortunately, when they stand, they stand in lock step like a herd of sheep.  In our electoral system, they are effective in maintaining a majority of votes, which sweeps their shepherds into office.

That is my expert opinion given that I took Psych 101 at UMASS, which originally was an agricultural college.

But I have been getting more and more proficient in Liberal Language these days.

"BAA BAA BAAAAAA" translates as "We love Hillary.  We don't care about her corrupt, money laundering foundation and her lies about email and Benghazi."

And "BAA BAA BAA BAA BAAAAAAAA" means "Give us free stuff.  Take money from big meany millionaires and give it to us."

So that is my theory of Moonbat Libbies and their thought process.  The Sheep Don't Care.   Why they think that way is still a mystery.  I think it must be a disease.

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