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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kate and Dad


My Daughter Kate and your MOAM a number of years ago when we launched the Columbia Herreshoff Tender.   Lots  of stuff has happened since then.

Kate got married to my favorite Son-in-Law, Brady Boyle.
Then she bore our third Grandson, Connor, who has already become such an important member of the family.

Some peole that we love have died... Lisa Panakio Rowe and my Mom come to mind.... completing the circle of life.

Business has been good, bad, good, bad.... the Lord ultimately provides.

And the Columbia Herreshoff Tender is now in dire need of resanding and revarnishing.... to the extent that I will not row again until I have invested about 20 hours in refurbishment this late summer and fall.

100 years from now, this will all be unknown.... even to our direct descendents.  My hope is that Connor might be around.

Tempus Fugit.

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