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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cupcakes and Bullys

Pussyfication and Cupcakery.

It is the condition that arises when "Progressives" get their feelings hurt when the Big Meany Donald Trump says bad things about  the fragile and demure Hildebeest.

Donald is such a "Bully".   It's not fair for him to hit back when BO and H make up phoney shit about Trump to feed to their sheep.  Course the stuff that they say about Trump is ok because Trump deserves it.

The Pussyfication of America is gathering steam with each melting glacier.  It will only stop when the Big Mean Bully is stymied by the mainstream media misrepresenting his every utterance  and he stops calling poor H a scheming Crook.

"BAA, BAA, BAAAAAAA"..... which is Liberalese for "Yay Yay Hillery.  We love you so much and hate Evil Republicans".

But just for the record......  There is basically no difference between a Pussified Cupcake and a Phoney Liar.   Because anyone with a brain can see through the Cupcake Act.

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