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Wednesday, August 03, 2016

A Message to Donald Trump

Donald -
Normally I only address these Blog Posts to Nanepashemet Peeps, and I'm pretty sure that you have never hit this Blog for advice, so I'm compelled to reach out to you directly.

Donald.... Big Don.... Master DT..... this is coming in the form of a plea.

Will you please, for the sake of God, get your shit together????
Stop saying stupid stuff that makes you look like an 8th Grade Goofball????
Let the Moonbats like George Stef. pass by without feeding them massive soundbites?????
Allow the Libbie Bomb tossers to launch their diatribes without stooping to add gasoline to the inappropriate rants that they make????

Don... do you know what will happen if you don't beat the Disgusting Clinton Syndicate come November????

We will be screwed.
Not for eight years..... but for thirty or more.

H will stack the Supreme Court with Moonbat Whackjobs who will form an intractable majority for the next thirty years... raining down a storm of Liberal Jurisprudence that will affect us for several generations.

H will open the immigration door to pad the Democratic sheep herd for decades.... not to mention the Jihadists who will slip in with the happy parade of welfare recipients.

H will run up the tab like Obama did... writing checks that we can't cash and harnessing our hapless grandchildren with massive federal debt.

And it will all be because you, Don, couldn't stop saying stupid shit off of the top of your head.

I have faith that you are a competent manager who will hire the best and the brightest to run our country and fix the corruption and largess that eight years of BO waffling has produced.

I have faith that international thugs will think twice with your finger on the trigger, making National Defense decisions that are forthright and effective.

And I have faith that you can bring real economic prosperity to our country, creating jobs and lessening the tensions that have caused the worse racial disharmony in the last thirty years.

But none of this will happen if you don't clean up your act.  You have a lifetime of accomplishment that is about to go into the shit chute if you allow a disgusting criminal like Hillary to beat you in this election.

We are depending on you Donald.
Pull it together.
Win this Freaking Election.

It's important.

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