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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Jameson and the Republicans

A nice pour of Jameson over ice, and watching the Republican National Convention is a good combination.


So far, the RNC has been very interesting with the controversial speech by Melania Trump with passages pulled from Michelle Obama's previous address, the strong appearances of the Trump offspring, the gloves off remarks by Guiliani, Christi, and Gingrich.  And of course the self centered speech by Ted  Cruz who has shown his colors and would rather have H win and appoint three Supreme Court Justices, than overcome a bruised ego.

Trump scares people.

I think it is because they see that he can stir the emotions of people and is not easily controlled.

He sees through the phoniness of the Left and will take decisive international action which scares mushy Liberals to no end.

And he is not affected by contrived narratives that are designed to deflect and subtefuge the real issues of racism, debt, and security threats that affect our country.

OK Peeps... I'm close to giving the nod to Trump..... and not just because Hilary is so disgusting.

Almost time for one more pour.

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