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Monday, July 25, 2016

Bent Water and the DNC

My friend, Christos Laganos, remarked the other day that it seems like the Democrats and the Republicans have switched their positions over the last twenty years.  It used to be that the Dems were the cool guys and the GOB were odd balls.  Now the Republicans seem to have their shit together and the Democrats show up like freaking whack jobs.

Course, twenty years ago I was a Democrat and now I am close to being a declared Republican.   So maybe that is the prism that projects this view.

I can't imagine the "Lion of the Democratic Party" Ted Kennedy appearing anywhere close to being defined as a Socialist... but it's easy to see how Sanders has lured the pandering Hillary into that far Left position.


I have a couple of cans of Bent Water Pearl this evening that will last me through the opening night of the Democratic National Convention.  The theme tonight is "Unity".... so far, they have kept the obnoxious Debbie Wasserman Shultze off of the stage due to the latest email scandal, and Bernie supporters are wicked pissed that H. has rigged this election like she does everything else.

The whole Super Delegate system of the Democrats is an elitist method to rig the election and make sure that the people's choice is in line with the choice of the Party elites.... while the GOP goes with the vote of the people.    

And the media stands by and lets the corruption stand.

I don't get it.

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